christopher smith

At the Christopher Smith Foundation, we honor the life of Christopher Smith by supporting, encouraging, and expressing our gratitude to caregivers. Christopher was born with Down syndrome and lived his life with many medical and physical problems. Yet he was able to transcend the restrictions and limitations prescribed for him since birth, surrounded by the love of his family and the support of his caregivers, who helped him to tolerate the discomfort and pain that can accompany medical treatment to improve his health and to fully include him in society. Caregivers are not just treatment providers – a caregiver can also be a disability advocate and a loving friend who builds a community of care to support people in living, growing, and thriving.

Caregivers provide physical and emotional support, manage the needs of individuals and their families, and welcome people into broader networks of love and kindness. Even though caregivers give a great deal, they often receive very little in return. As a result, we sometimes do not have enough people to enter the caregiving professions. Caregiving work is essential to our society, even though it too often goes unsung and unrewarded. The Christopher Smith Foundation was created as a Nevada nonprofit to remember his precious life by supporting people who become caregivers.

Our Thank You Note:


Dear Caregivers, 

Thank you for everything you do to make life better and improve the world. Every day, you work in medical offices, hospitals, schools, group homes, supportive living centers, rehab centers, and even family homes. 

 Some of you are professionals who provide care at a high level, choosing a caring profession, although many other jobs pay more with much less profound, human engagement. Most of you are loving family who perform caring acts 365 days a year. For all of you, we know that you do this because you want to support people to live their best lives with care, respect, and love. 

 Christopher’s life was happy and full of lovethanks to his family and to the tremendous caregivers who surrounded him through all aspects of life. Caregivers like you not only provided medical care and helped Chris to live a safer, healthier life but also served as disability advocates, supporting him to break through social limitations that could have kept him isolated. Instead, he was surrounded with love.

 We know that parents and siblings provide emotional, physical, spiritual, and psychological support to a beloved family member with intellectual and developmental disabilities. In doing so you shoulder the burden that would be passed onto tax payers through Caregiving organizations.  

 Today, we want you to know that we see you. The mission of the Christopher Smith Foundation is to support scholarships, on-site support, and respite care, in honor of the care you provide, the lives you support, and the love you give. 


 Thank you again.

 With our deepest gratitude,

 The Christopher Smith Foundation