Love Is In The Air

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The Christopher Smith Foundation’s team of dedicated volunteers were busy saying thank you to some very special people this holiday season by delivering gifts of gratitude to the caregiving community. 

The Foundation, inspired by Christopher Smith’s magnificent life, provides gifts of appreciation to caregivers, both family and professional.

When Christopher was born with Down syndrome and related disabilities in the 70’s, the life expectancy for kids like him was approximately 20 years because in those days parents were encouraged to institutionalize their “defective” newborn, and told their future would be bleak.

Down syndrome is a congenital condition resulting from a chromosomal anomaly, an extra 21st chromosome, and in earlier years they were referred to as Mongoloids. Today they are called American citizens and their life expectancy is greatly enhanced due to acceptance and a more enlightened world.

Having Down syndrome did not alter the trajectory of Christopher’s life; he was who he was meant to be from day one. It is us who were changed. His extended family, a community and strangers around the globe are the ones who benefited most from his life. Now that he is no longer with us, having left us all too soon, his legacy lives on through acts of kindness and appreciation to all the selfless people who have consciously made a decision to care for those who need the most help.

Please consider a New Year’s contribution to the Christopher Smith Foundation and help us give the gift of kindness to some very deserving people.