Lynda Tache has been selected as the Christopher Smith Foundation’s July Caregiver of the Month.
In addition to being the mother of an adult son with autism, she has devoted her career to the disability community.
Throughout her career Lynda opened the doors to Grant a Gift Autism Foundation and played in integral role in Marsy’s Law for Nevada. Currently she serves as President and CEO of Collaboration Center Foundation, a nonprofit she founded in 2018, and actively supports the NvLEND program as a faculty mentor through the Nevada Center for Excellence in Disabilities.
When it comes to her son, Grant, Lynda has given him the tools needed to be as independent as possible. He graduated from the Beacon Academy of Nevada in 2021 and is now employed as a Pathways Ambassador at Collaboration Center Foundation. In this role he supports the nonprofit’s initiatives by guiding tours and assisting the Pathways team in various capacities.
Congratulations Lynda!
Thank you for being an incredible mother, caregiver, and advocate.