Introducing our January 2023 Caregiver of the Month – Judy.

Here is her story …

My brother Mark has been a resident of Mimi’s care home for 3 years and the care that he has received there has been extraordinary in every way. Mimi and her staff truly care for their residents as each one is treated as a family member. My brother has had many challenges in his lifetime, and he has been in and out of group homes for over 50 years. As his sister I have always been actively involved in his life.

Throughout his life, there has never been a place like Mimi’s and our family and friends feel truly Blessed that Mark is a very well loved and cared for resident and has become a family member in Mimi’s Family.

I truly appreciate that Mimi’s Care Home always does what is best for their residents. One example was all the extra care and attention Mark and the residents received during the COVID Pandemic; the residents are always the top priority.  As a registered nurse myself,  I have very high standards and truly respect that as I am getting older it is very comforting to know, that when the day comes that I can’t be the one to check on Mark, I know everything will turn out OK as Mimi and her loving angels will do everything to make Marks life comfortable, and he will be well taken care of.  Mark loves Mimi and says she is his mom since his real mom, whom he really loved, has passed away.  It is obvious from my comments coming from my heart how I feel, about Mimi and her care and I want to reassure anyone who is considering Mimi’s for their loved ones in my opinion, “Mimi’s is as good as there is”

Mark is my hero. He has been through so much and yet has no bitterness or anger towards anyone. He is humble and grateful and kind, and I am so proud of him.  And I am grateful that I have been with him all of these years and now see him receiving the best care and Love from Mimi and Phil who is so kind and sweet to him, and of course Lou and all of the great staff at Mimi’s.