CSF Honors Joseph Cheng as Caregiver of the Month for May 2021

After dedicating his life to serving our country, Joseph continued in service to mankind when he became a selfless caregiver in a Nevada home that serves profoundly disabled young adults. Joseph patiently works with individuals with disabilities to keep them engaged in various activities, and enjoys taking the residents in his charge on fun outings to different locations in the community. Going above and beyond the call of duty, his supervisor applauds him for being willing to drop everything and help anyone in their time of need, regardless of what it means for him at the moment. Always ensuring that the residents in his trust are being properly cared for, Joseph is constantly thinking of new things the home can do to better support the individuals it serves. During this pandemic year, Joseph never faltered in providing a wide range of experiences for the folks in his care.

The Christopher Smith Foundation is proud to recognize and reward Joseph for so selflessly and generously choosing the career of a caregiver, and giving so much of himself to help the intellectually and developmentally disabled in our world. Thank you, Joseph.