Barbara and Jacques Desrochers Recognized as Caregiver of the Month

Barbara and Jacques are hard-working recipients of a gift from the Christopher Smith Foundation. Although the Desrochers do not view themselves as the traditional caregiver, they have provided the amazing support and encouragement to their extraordinary daughter Michelle.

“We know we’re Michelle’s caregivers, but we never view that role as a burden, but rather we see Michelle as a gift from God,” Barbara shares. “It’s written that God knew us before we were formed in our mother’s womb, so God had already chosen us to be Michelle’s parents. I received that as an honor, and can safely say we’ve learned more from her than she has from us, especially when it comes to loving unconditionally…She’s pretty remarkable for a person with a disability.”

As a high school and college graduate, as well as an ASL performance interpreter, Michelle has achieved goals that were once thought impossible for a person with Down syndrome. The Christopher Smith Foundation is honored to recognize Barbara and Jacques as Caregiver of the Month award recipients.